Lactivists Staged A Nurse-In In Front Of Forest Park City Hall After The Passage Of A Law That Prohibited Breastfeeding In Public Children Over Two-Years-Old.

Lactivists staged a nurse-in in front of Forest Park City Hall after the passage of a law that prohibited breastfeeding in public children over two-years-old.
Last week, I shared news about a Georgia town limiting public breastfeeding through a public indecency law. The law prohibited women from breastfeeding children over two in public. Along with countless other people, I was left thinking, "What in the world...?" I also predicted there would be a nurse-in. I love being right! Lactivists staged a nurse-in in front of Forest Park City Hall. I was hoping Forrest Park City Manager John Parker would handle the nurse-in with grace and perhaps even receive an education, especially after he was quoted as saying, “It sets up a process whereby we can try to control nudity throughout the entire city” about the law. Sadly, he didn't learn anything. Concerning the nurse-in, John Parker told Fox News, “You need to check ordinances in other jurisdictions. You’ll find the same verbiage exists in those, too.” Wow. First, it's still so wrong to prohibit women from feeding their children. And second, hasn't anyone told John Parker that the whole, "But Mom, everyone's doing it," excuse doesn't fly? Sana Gemer, who attended the nurse-in with her 21-month old son, told Fox, “It doesn’t matter what age the child is. It should be the mother’s choice, or the child’s choice.”

(Source: Fox News)

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