Check Out This Funny Or Die Video On Our Obsession With Baby Strollers!

Check out this Funny or Die video on our obsession with baby strollers!
I came across this Funny or Die video from The Perfect Baby Handbook and had to share. After all, I share my stroller obsession with you regularly. Those of us with that have - cough - stroller issue do deserve to be poked fun of! It is true, though. I'm obsessed with baby gear - enough that I stay on top of what's new and what's popular - even though my "baby" is two now. I was just discussing with a friend how I think I have more of the baby gear fever than the baby fever! Is anyone else a little too into baby gear? I can't be alone! On a serious stroller note, if you have a Maclaren stroller that was made in 2009 or earlier and haven't seen the recall reissue, please order the hinge covers. Click over to my Maclaren recall post to find out how. More on strollers The Baby Guy and strollers: Two of my obsessions Valco Baby Twin Tri Mode Boy Meets Girl Stroller Choosing a safe stroller or baby carriage

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