A Couple From Israel Named Their Baby After The Facebook "Like" Button. Really.

A couple from Israel named their baby after the Facebook "like" button. Really.
Looking for baby name inspiration? Who needs the Social Security's Most Popular Baby Names list when you have Facebook? It seems a lot of people turn to Facebook for baby name help. Remember the Canadian mom that put the task of naming her baby to Facebook? This time, a couple named their baby after the "like" button on Facebook. That's right. They named their baby "Like." The couple in Israel said they were looking for an original name that was modern and innovative. They have two other children with unusual names: Pie (for the food) and Dvash, the Hebew word for Honey. Choosing a name for a baby is such a personal thing, so it's hard for me to criticize, but I'll definitely say the name Like is an unusual choice! Need help picking a more, ahem, regular name for your baby? Check out our SheKnows Baby Names tools, where you can find the meaning of thousands of names, check out lists of popular names and get help selecting a name if you’re stuck!

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