Nicole Richie Says She Needs A Nap Before Having More Kids. And She's Not Alone!

Nicole Richie says she needs a nap before having more kids. And she's not alone!

And she's not alone!

At least, I feel the same. Nicole Richie recently appeared on The Talk and said, "I don’t think it’s fair to ask someone that had two [children] back to back if they’re going to have another one. Right now I’m like, ‘Nooo! But you never know. I need a nap" (Source: People) Amen, Nicole. Nicole's kids are 20 months apart - her daughter just turned three and her son is 16 months old. She was joking and being light, but she has a point. Why do people always ask that question?! Our kids are 18 months apart and we adopted the second 14 months after the first. That's a lot of change in 14 months -- to go from no kids to two in less than a year-and-a-half. It has been two years since our second joined our family and I still need a nap. That insane sleep deprivation has morphed into a general "tired" most of the time, which is much better, but still! When I was in the middle of the exhaustion, I thought about another child. I was so tired I figured, "Might as well - I'll sleep one day." But as we moved out of the phase of being up 10-15 times a night, it got a little harder to wrap my mind around adding another baby to our family and heading back to square one. I'm still tired - I may sleep (mostly) through the night, but five hours isn't enough. I'm with Nicole Richie - I need a nap! So, this brings me to my question: Does it drive you crazy when other people ask you when you're having another child? Especially if you already have a young child (or children)? When people would ask me that, I'd respond with, "Maybe later, but I'm going to enjoy the kids I have for now" and then they'd often give me the "Sure - you have your hands full" comment, which is usually a shortened version of, "Oh my gosh, your kids are going insane in the grocery store. You sure have your hands full." I didn't mind that much - we're asked a lot of insane questions. But I know some people are offended by the question. How about you?

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