More Car Seat Safety Tips From SheKnows Pregnancy And Baby.

More car seat safety tips from SheKnows Pregnancy and Baby.
Had enough car seat safety here? Good - I didn't think so! Seriously, though, I don't believe it's possible to know enough about car seat safety. It's one of my "hangups" as a mom. And car seat safety is once again on my mind because I just had to purchase two more car seats for our nanny's car for my little ones. Because her car is older and doesn't have the LATCH system, I went back to the drawing board, er, Internet, to learn more about the safest options. And like usual, I got sucked into watching the horrible car seat crash test videos and reading stories of how properly installed car seats saved babies' and kids' lives. I also learned new information - for example, the LATCH lower anchors shouldn't be used once a child reaches 40 pounds. And common sense suggestions that I hadn't considered (because they're not options in our car...but still good to know). For example, because the center seat is the safest in the car, if you have one child that is forward-facing and one that is rear-facing, the forward-facing should go in the center seat because rear-facing is safer. If you need a good resource for car seat safety in addition to the government sites and American Academy of Pediatrics site, check out The Car Seat Lady. Her entire website is dedicated to car seat safety (and is regularly updated) and you can find virtually all you need to know about the topic. Want to read more about car seat safety? Car seat safety More car seat safety American Academy of Pediatrics new care seat guidelines Consumer Reports car seat guide

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