New Research Shows That Exercise During Pregnancy Could Improve Your Baby's Heart...After Birth! Keep Reading For More Info.

New research shows that exercise during pregnancy could improve your baby's heart...after birth! Keep reading for more info.
It's not news that barring special circumstances that make it unsafe, expectant moms should still exercise. However, what is news is that exercising during pregnancy could improve your baby's heart...after she's born. The results of a 2008 study show that if expectant moms exercised three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time, their developing baby's heart rate was lower during the end of pregnancy. Even better, the baby's improved cardiovascular control remained one month after birth. Basically, the regular exercise you get now might just help your baby's health after you deliver her. (Source: Science Daily) Need to know where to start? Well, think about what kinds of activities you enjoy. Do you like to walk? Brisk walking is always a great form of exercise. What about yoga? Yoga during pregnancy is a wonderful way to exercise, stretch, build muscle and calm your mind. Lift weights? One recent study showed weight training during pregnancy is safe. (Always discuss an exercise plan with your doctor.) More tips on exercise during pregnancy Check out this short video on exercising during pregnancy

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