How Do You Feel About Taking A New Baby Out In Public? Are Some Places Off Limits? I Saw A Newborn At An Airshow And I'll Admit It -- I Didn't Think It Was A Good Idea.

How do you feel about taking a new baby out in public? Are some places off limits? I saw a newborn at an airshow and I'll admit it -- I didn't think it was a good idea.

Bringing your new baby out in public: Are some places off limits?

During the early fall, when my mom was in town visiting my family, she, my husband and I took our two children – who were two and three years old – to an air show. We live in Southern California by the coast, but the airshow was on a military base inland and it happened to be a very warm day for San Diego. So warm, in fact, that I may or may not have “dropped” a few ice cubes down my shirt on our walk back to the car. (Don’t worry – I wasn’t wearing white!) I’m from the desert – Arizona to be exact – and while we weren’t in Phoenix summer conditions, it was still exceedingly hot. So, I’ve made my point, right? It was hot. Besides the heat, there was the small matter of the noise. Okay, small is a huge understatement. It was incredibly loud. It was an air show, and an impressive one at that. We watched the Blue Angles, the Canadian Snowbirds and endless military jets, planes and helicopters at a very close distance. There were families in attendance – people of all ages. Even some babies, although it appeared most parents took the proper steps to ensure their kids’ ears were protected. And then there was a brand new baby. She couldn’t have been more than a week old. Honestly, I was impressed by her mom. I guess assumed the heat and the amount of walking we had to do (to and from the parking area, as well as around the air show) would have been a lot so soon after giving birth. Like I said, I was hot and tired. Nonetheless, here was this tiny, tiny baby at an air show. Her mom kept her under a nursing cover a lot because she was breastfeeding. When her mom would uncover her in between, that poor little baby looked like she might turn into a tomato. She was bright red. Furthermore, her tiny little ears were never protected from the intense noise. I don’t like it when moms impose their parenting opinions on others, so I of course didn’t say anything. However, I was extremely surprised to see a newborn at a loud airshow on a very hot day and quite frankly, I didn’t think it was a good idea. I know everyone has an opinion on where a newborn should/should not be taken, but I just thought that an air show was one of the last places a new baby should have been. >>What do you think? Was it as big of a deal as I thought it was? Are there places that newborns just do not belong? Where would you (did you) take your newborn?

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