How Do You Celebrate Baby's First Birthday? Do You Have A Big Bash Or A Low-Key Celebration?

How do you celebrate baby's first birthday? Do you have a big bash or a low-key celebration?
So, you became a mom (or became one for a second, third, fourth...time). You weathered a year of sleepless nights as well as enjoyed a year of amazing firsts. Now it is finally going to happen -- no matter how much you don't (or possibly do) want it to occur: Your baby is turning one year old. One year old. Crazy, right? Even though we adopted and I only knew my son for two months and my daughter for four-and-a-half months before they each turned one year old, it still blew my mind. Your baby is still your baby, of course, but he's not your infant baby any longer! Does everything magically change at one? Of course not. But to me, it was a big milestone birthday. You can still answer the "how old is he" question in months, but 13 months seems oh-so-much older than 11 months. Now, the big question is how do you celebrate Baby's First Birthday? The topic is on my mind because a friend of mine is having an all-out bash for her little one's first birthday. She's been sending me pictures of the cake toppers and plates and I'm just dying over both the sweetness and the details of the entire event. I know several people who threw big first birthday parties. Fun, right?! Granted, these parties are more for the parents, but they are still a wonderful way to get everyone together for a celebration of your little one's first year of life. And the fun adult time, as well as party-planning, are most definitely bonuses. In our household, baby's first birthday party was very low-key. In our case, it was most definitely because our children had not been with us for long and the last thing that was in their best interest -- or ours, if I'm being honest -- was having a big first birthday party. However, I'm not sure whether I would have had an all-out first birthday party celebration had my babies been biological and with us since birth. As things are, we've kept the birthdays low-key and plan to have each of our children's fifth birthday be "the big one." And the birthdays following the first have had nothing to do with adjustment. It's just the way we've decided to approach birthday parties. How have you done -- or how do you plan to do -- baby's first birthday party? Big bash or low-key family celebration? There is in no way shape, shape or form a right answer to this question, in my opinion, unless you're planning a Sweet 16-style blowout for your one-year-old. Then I might have a different opinion! Share, mamas and mamas-to-be!

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