Women Don't Always Make It To The Destination Where They Intend To Give Birth! Here Are A Few Stories Of Impromptu Deliveries!

Women don't always make it to the destination where they intend to give birth! Here are a few stories of impromptu deliveries!
Babies are being born in all sorts of places...other than hospitals, birthing centers or at home, as planned. A baby in the UK was recently born in an ambulance garage. The Preston Leader reports that an expectant father was driving his wife to the hospital to deliver her baby when she determined that the baby wasn't going to wait! He stopped at an ambulance garage, where several paramedics were able to help her deliver a healthy baby girl. Score for good luck -- if you can't make it to your intended birth location, it probably doesn't get much better than that! A few days ago, a Kansas mom gave birth to her daughter in an elevator at the hospital where she was going to give birth! The expectant mom had originally planned to deliver at a different hospital, but her contractions began coming too quickly. so she went to a fire station. She was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, but she never made it out of the elevator and into the delivery room!

Did you deliver your baby in an unexpected place?

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