Are You And Your Partner Having Trouble Agreeing On A Baby Name?

Are you and your partner having trouble agreeing on a baby name?
An article on SheKnows, Baby name fights: How to compromise, made me wonder how many couples disagree over baby names! My husband and I didn't have a very difficult name. I had a name for both a boy and a girl that I'd loved for years. Years. Somewhere along the way, a celebrity stole my boy name. (Yes, I know it's hard to believe that a celebrity would steal a name from me, but what can I say? It was just that great of a name...) I moved on and accepted it until we saw my son's photo for the first time. The name just fit him perfectly. So we thought about it a lot and came up with a variation of the name that also allowed us to name him after my brother. No issues, no disagreement. Easy! As it turned out, the nickname for my son that we had never even anticipated or guessed we would use -- which is what we call him 90% of the time! -- was also the nickname that we knew everyone would use if we went with my chosen girl name -- Maddison. That's probably best, because my girl name was one I heard at the vet's clinic shortly after my husband and I got married - somewhere around 2001. Yes, my original girl name was inspired by a dog named Maddison. We had a little more trouble coming up with a girl's name, but after my husband and I saw her photo and threw a lot of names around for a day or two, my husband suddenly "had it" and it was perfect! Both of my kids' names fit them very well. And it was easy! However, I know that's not the case for everyone. So...tell me: Did you have trouble (or are you currently having trouble) agreeing on a baby name? (Or if all else fails, you can always ask Facebook to name your baby!)

Struggling with a name choice?

If you're having a hard time choosing a name for your baby, don't despair! We have endless resources here! You can search for the meanings of over 30,000 baby names (simply type in your name and hit submit!) and you can also search for names by origin, state, decade, year and more!

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