A New York City Council Member Has Introduced A Bill That Would Give Special Parking Privileges To Pregnant Women Having Difficult Pregnancies. What Do You Think?

A New York City Council member has introduced a bill that would give special parking privileges to pregnant women having difficult pregnancies. What do you think?
Did you have a difficult pregnancy? Would your life have been a little easier if you'd had special parking privileges? The Wall Street Journal reports that a New York City Council member, Councilman David Greenfield of Brooklyn, is introducing a bill that would give pregnant women who are having difficult pregnancies special parking privileges in New York City. If the bill passes, a woman who is having a difficult pregnancy will be able to get a note from her doctor indicating that she has "physical or mobility challenges." This would allow her to obtain a placard that would give her the right to park in no-parking zones. According to the Wall Street Journal Article, Councilman Greenfield's wife had two difficult pregnancies. He decided to introduce the bill after watching her go through those. First of all, I'm very much in favor of making life easier for anyone who needs it -- disabled individuals, pregnant women who are having a difficult pregnancy, elderly individuals, etc. However, I understand that parking in New York City is a problem and critics are concerned that allowing expectant women to park in no-parking zones will further complicate the situation. I also wonder whether pregnant women who are having medically difficult pregnancies could be qualified to receive a temporary disability placard, allowing them to park in disabled spaces. I of course understand that this raises concerns about the way pregnancy is viewed by society. Pregnancy itself is not a disability, but a difficult pregnancy can cause physical disabilities. Apparently, Georgia and Oklahoma already have laws in place that give pregnant women special parking privileges. What do you think? Should pregnant women who are having difficult pregnancies be entitled to special parking privileges?

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