Sophie Giraffe Is A Very Popular Baby Teething Toy. Check Her Out!

Sophie Giraffe is a very popular baby teething toy. Check her out!
Apparently, Sophie Giraffe is "the world's most famous teething toy." And apparently, I live under a rock! I only heard about Sophie Giraffe recently...and through a tweet, of all places. Do you know who Sophie Giraffe is? Or am I the only clueless mama? Apparently, Sophie Giraffe has been around for over 40 years! The adorable soft giraffe is a great teething toy. It's made of 100% natural rubber that is BPA free and phthalates free -- that means your baby isn't at risk of ingesting chemicals when she's gnawing on sweet Sophie's head. Sophie also makes a "happy sound" when your baby squeezes her. Cute, right? At seven inches, Sophie is the perfect size. Here's a Youtube video of a cutie playing with Sophie Giraffe with her mom narrating: (Note that one reviewer on Amazon stated that Sophie's legs are the perfect size for a baby to stuff in his mouth and block his airway. Sophie Giraffe has a big and loyal following, but I thought I should point this out.) If you're looking for other "green" items for baby, check out Eco-friendly baby toys.

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