Should Pregnant Women Who Are Speeding To The Hospital To Give Birth Be Given A Ticket?

Should pregnant women who are speeding to the hospital to give birth be given a ticket?
It's not an uncommon story. A husband (or partner or the expectant mom herself) is speeding -- literally -- to the hospital because she is in labor and about to give birth. The driver is pulled over by a highway patrol or police officer. And then s/he is either given a ticket or sent on her very hurried way. Today, NPR highlighted a short story:
John Coughlin's wife was having a baby, which was coming too fast. So Coughlin drove his wife toward a Manchester, New Hampshire, hospital at 102 miles per hour. Soon a state trooper was chasing them, so the Coughlins called 9-1-1. They got a message back to the trooper, who then escorted them to the hospital. The baby born six minutes after arrival. The trooper congratulated Coughlin, then gave him a speeding ticket.
I'm annoying noncommittal on this (not this particular story, just the occurrence in general). I can see the absolute need to get a laboring mom to the hospital in time to deliver her baby in the hospital. I can also see the danger that someone driving way too fast -- I'm not talking a few miles over the speed limit, but really, really fast -- can put others in danger, even if they themselves are in time sensitive situation. I can't really fault an officer for giving a speeding long as s/he is very, very quick about it! >>What do you think? Okay to give a speeding ticket to a driver who is taking a woman in labor to the hospital?

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