Considering In Vitro Fertilization? There's An App To Tell You Whether It Will Work

Considering In Vitro Fertilization? There's an app to tell you whether it will work
It's 2011, and that means there's pretty much an app for anything and everything. Want to know how long the wait is for the Matterhorn at Disenyland? No worries. There's an app for that. Want to know how many calories you're burning on your evening run? There's an app for that, too. Want to know the odds of your In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) succeeding? Yeah, you guessed it. There's an app for that. Researchers from the University of Glasgow and Bristol say that they have created a formula that allows a couple considering IVF to make an educated decision as to whether they should pursue it based on its likely success. Currently, people can use a "simple online computer calculator," but in the very near future, it will be an app available for the iPhone and other smart phones.
Scientists from the Universities of Glasgow and Bristol analyzed the details of more than 144,000 IVF cycles to produce a statistical model that can give a prediction of live birth which is up to 99 percent accurate.
"Treatment-specific factors can be used to provide infertile couples with a very accurate assessment of their chance of a successful outcome following IVF," said Scott Nelson of the University of Glasgow, who led the research... ...The formula takes into account the woman's age, number of years trying to get pregnant, whether she is using her own eggs, the cause of infertility, the number of previous IVF cycles and whether she has previously been pregnant or had a baby. (Source: Reuters)
If you're interested in the calculator and don't want to wait for the iPhone app, you can try it out at IVF Predict. ]]>

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