If You Have A Dog And Are Expecting Or Have A New Baby, Be Sure Your Baby Is Safe At All Times.

If you have a dog and are expecting or have a new baby, be sure your baby is safe at all times.
An article I cam across last night in the online Houston Chronicle serves as an awful reminder to parents of babies and small children who also have dog. A woman's three month old daughter was killed by one of her Rottweilers. She had nine large dogs and had taken measures to block them from entering the house.

Alva Vaughn figured if she slid the washing machine and a heavy slab of marble up against the back of the door, it would keep her powerful Rottweiler out of the house and away from her baby girl who was snuggled up in an infant swing.

While she was out of the room, one of the dogs managed to break through the barricade. It mauled her baby, who passed away. I do not write this to blame her, but to remind parents how dogs can injure and kill children. I know I'm not the only one to hear or read stories like this. And while this is an extreme case -- nine large dogs, four of them Rotties -- family pets occasionally hurt babies, too. There was the case last year of a family dog that dragged a newborn baby into the back yard. While it apparently wasn't an attack (the family believes the dog was treating the three-day-old baby as its puppy), it was an awful incident nonetheless. Thankfully, the baby survived, but it's a reminder that even loving, docile family dogs can hurt babies. From a local news story:
Jessamine Animal Control officer Earl Hatter called it "a freak accident" and something that was shocking and flabbergasting to the community, but cautioned that even a dog which wouldn't hurt a flea has to be watched carefully with young children. "Often times when a baby cries, they don't understand why they are crying, but they want to fix it," Hatter told ZT Pet News previously. "So if you keep an eye on them then you can make sure there is correct interaction.
I was looking around the internet and reading parents' differing views on leaving babies in the presence of their dogs. I found some interesting opinions. One woman said that her pit bull was so well trained that she of course left her baby in the room with him when she wasn't there. That floored me. Another woman with two four pound Chihuahuas said that the dogs adore and love her baby -- licking and gently playing with her -- but they are still dogs and she wouldn't leave her two month old baby on the floor with them outside of her presence. I would always err on the side of caution. How about you? Do you or would you leave your infant in the room with your dog -- within reach -- outside of your presence?

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