Apparently, Some People Are Selling Formula Purchased With Woman Infant Children Money On Craig's List. However, The Program Is Still Important.

Apparently, some people are selling formula purchased with Woman Infant Children money on Craig's List. However, the program is still important.
On Monday, when President Obama signed the child nutrition bill, it reminded me to talk about the Women Infant Children program here. The timing was interesting because a few days after I posted here about Women Infant Children, I came across an article talking about people selling free baby formula on Craig's List -- formula they obtained as a result in their participation in the Women Infant Children (WIC) program. Apparently, some people who receive WIC vouchers are using those vouchers to purchase formula, then they are turning around and selling the formula on Craig's List. According to the news article, the WIC program is aware of the problem:
According to WIC, this is a problem, and they even have their own fraud investigation department. "We do take legal action against who is using the vouchers other then intended," said Bernadette Parish with WIC. ... "We ourselves are going to look in Craigslist and see if we can get any information and we do report it to the program integrity unit, so we will definitely be doing that," said Parish.
So, that's not good! However, like all programs intended to benefit people, WIC is certain to be taken advantage of because sadly, not every last person in this world is does the right thing. The reason I bring this up, though, is to share my belief that simply because some people more or less steal from a program, abuse it and probably even hurt their children in the end, it does not mean we shouldn't have these programs. Women Infant Children, the school lunch program and even food stamps take care of our children. By our children, I mean society's children. Children are children. There will always be adults that take advantage, misuse and steal, but at the end of the day, what matters is doing the best we can for babies that need formula and kids that need lunch. I've read some negative commentary about the existence of these programs because of the way people take advantage. For me, I find the taking advantage issue and the existence of the programs themselves to be totally separate. Absolutely, we must find ways to cut back on people's ability to sell formula purchased with Woman Infant Children money on Craig's List. But we must still have the Women Infant Children program. And the school lunch program. (To be clear, I'm not okay with stealing or using money that should be spent on babies for other things. That's a whole 'nother blog post for a whole 'nother blog!) >>So, what do you think? Do incidents like this -- selling formula purchased with Women Infant Children money on Craig's list -- cause us to question these programs?

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