Drop side cribs have (finally) been banned! Keep reading for more information.
Drop side cribs bannedThe sale of traditional drop side cribs has been banned after the Consumer Product Safety Division held a unanimous vote. Finally. Finally. Yes, finally. With the recent recall of 90,000 drop side cribs, not to mention the fact that drop side cribs have been responsible for 32 infant deaths, I've been saying forever that drop side cribs should be banned.
The ruling — which bans the manufacture, sale, and resale of the cribs - also levies tougher safety standards for new cribs, which will be tested more rigorously and in ways that better mimic the actions of babies in these cribs. The cribs have caused deaths when malfunctioning side-sliding doors have detached from the mattress, creating a gap where babies can be trapped, suffocated, and strangled. (Source: RTT News)
I'm truly thrilled to see this ruling. Drop side cribs are not necessary and the potential cost is not worth any convenience that they might offer. Thirty two deaths -- infant deaths -- in less than ten years is 32 too many. Senator Kristin Gillibrand pushed for the ban on drop side cribs. She as quoted as saying,
Enough is enough. Time and time again, drop-side cribs have trapped and suffocated infants, destroying families across the country.
I couldn't agree more.

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