Need gift ideas for Baby's First Christmas? Keep reading!
Earlier, I droned on and on about how I think it's a good idea to be conservative when buying Christmas gifts for your baby's first Christmas. Do you need gift ideas for baby's First Christmas? If so, let me help!

An ornament

I know, I know, obviously your baby needs a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. But think about starting a holiday tradition with ornaments. Buy an ornament every Christmas that has the year displayed on it. Even better, as you child gets older, choose an ornament that reflects his current interest.


Books make great Christmas presents for a new baby. Perhaps your three-month-old isn't into listening to stories quite yet, but she will be, whether in a few months or ten months. Unlike a toy that may or may not interest her later, you really can't go wrong with books.

A "special" blanket

Many babies and kids have a favorite blanket that they drag around the house. My son has his "soft blankee" that he still loves and sleeps with every night (and carries around the house) at 3.5 years old. Trust me, if your child chooses a security blanket, it will be well "loved" over the years, so you want to choose it carefully! Put some thought into it and purchase and wrap up your baby's future security blanket.

Christmas Pajamas

I know that clothes are not exciting for kids, but remember, we're talking about a baby here! If your baby is very young, she won't be doing any of the unwrapping anyway. If she's older, it's the unwrapping part that matters, not what's inside. If you're going to buy Christmas pajamas anyway, why not wrap them up?! If you need ideas, I offered up a few suggestions for holiday pajamas for your baby. Happy reasonable shopping!

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