Well, in more "eat this, not that" while you're pregnant news, a new study shows a link between what you...
Well, in more "eat this, not that" while you're pregnant news, a new study shows a link between what you eat while pregnant and your baby's brain development, as well as his food choices in the future. The Science Daily reported this new study last week:
This highlights the importance of eating a healthy diet and refraining from drinking alcohol during pregnancy and nursing," said Josephine Todrank, PhD, who conducted the two-year study while a visiting scientist at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. "If the mother drinks alcohol, her child may be more attracted to alcohol because the developing fetus "expects" that whatever comes from the mother must be safe. If she eats healthy food, the child will prefer healthy food. (Source: Science Daily)
Well, I know for a fact my mom didn't eat French Fries or chocolate or drink wine -- she was way too sick to eat just about everything -- so I'm living proof that it's possible that you might develop your own unhealthy tastes without your mom's help. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. (But really, she didn't eat anything unhealthy. She was barely able to eat at all. And she drank not a drop of alcohol from before she conceived me until after she finished breastfeeding. Then again, I don't eat that much chocolate or French fries or drink very much wine.) First of all, this study was conducted in mice and while I'm sure the results could be the same in humans, of they often are, it would be nice to actually know this. Second, as one of the researchers said of the results:
"What an expectant mother chooses to eat and drink has long-term effects -- for better or worse -- on her child's sensory anatomy as well his or her odor memory and food preferences in the future," Todrank said. "It is not yet clear how long these changes and preferences last, but we are currently investigating that question."
So, maybe the changes last a lifetime...or maybe they last a few months. Who knows? We all know we should eat healthy during pregnancy. A recent study showed that pregnant women are dying less of pregnancy-related complications and more of other health issues. So eating well and caring for yourself when you're pregnant is extremely important. And your health does directly impact your growing baby. But what do you think about this study? I'm of the opinion that women should forgo all alcohol while pregnant because of the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, although I know not everyone shares this view. But hat about your favorite junk food? Even on occasion? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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