Are you familiar with "The Ferber Method?" My limited knowledge of it -- even after I became a mom --...
Are you familiar with "The Ferber Method?" My limited knowledge of it -- even after I became a mom -- was that people who "Ferberized" their babies let them cry themselves to sleep. Even if they used it as a method of sleep training, it seemed to me that at some point, the baby was left to cry. Because I practiced my own version of attachment parenting, I was very opposed to letting my kids cry themselves to sleep. I didn't -- and don't -- believe in letting a baby cry it out. However, many moms find themselves exhausted and at their wit's end, wondering whether they have to let their baby cry it out to ever get any sleep. It appears that my understanding of the Ferber method wasn't really a misunderstanding, although it wasn't entirely accurate, either. I came across an interview with Dr. Richard Ferber on Parenting and found it interesting. In it, Dr. Ferber explains,
I've always believed that there are many solutions to sleep problems, and that every family and every child is unique. People want one easy solution, but there's no such thing. I never encouraged parents to let their babies cry it out, but one of the many treatment styles I described in my book is gradual extinction, where you delay your response time to your baby's wakings.
To me, the "delayed response" is problematic, but I fully realize that our circumstances were non-traditional and so even though the Ferber method wasn't right for our family, it works well for others. I didn't delay responses, but kept responding my to my babies' needs until they eventually learned to fall -- and stay -- asleep. And trust me when I say that getting there was anything but fun. My son woke 10-15 times a night. He often was awake more than he was asleep during the night. However, at two and three, both of my kids fall asleep on their own -- easily -- in their own beds. They stay asleep all night, too. In fact, I can count on just two hands how many times both of them (combined) have gotten up during the night since we worked through our sleep issues...and that only happened when they were sick.
>>So, what do you think? Do you believe in the Ferber method (or a similar sleep-training method)?

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