Not sure what you need in your diaper bag? Check out my list of diaper bag essentials!
Packing up your diaper bag might me a little overwhelming the first time you do it. What if you forget something?! Well, the good news is that unless you're stuck on a plane or on a road trip, in the middle of nowhere, you'll probably be able to get what you need somewhere. However, it's always nice to be prepared. Following is a list of diaper bag essentials. Diapers. Obviously! My rule was to pack twice as many diapers as I thought I'd need for the amount of time we planned to be out. So, if I was just running a few errands and thought it would be a quick two hour trip, I packed six diapers. You can obviously lighten up as your baby gets older. However, sometimes you get stuck longer than you anticipate. And sometimes, those jarred green beans may have went down well, but... Wipes. I always made sure the package of wipes in my diaper bag was at least half full. They are handy for more than just wiping baby's bottom! Extra clothes. Do not, under any circumstances, leave the house without two full extra outfits for your baby. I know this can be particularly annoying if it's winter and each outfit it bulky, but trust me! I'm talking an entire outfit here - pants, onesie, little sweater, socks...the whole nine yards. Bottles and formula (if you are formula feeding). Take one bottle for each feeding that your baby will need while you're out. I loved the formula dividers -- I pre-measured the formula "servings" and saved myself a lot of trouble. I also filled each bottle with the amount of water I would need before I left the house. Breastfeeding accessories. Not that you need a lot of "extras" if you're breastfeeding, but think about essentials like nursing pads and a cover if you use one. Pacifier. If you have decided to use a paci, don't forget it! Diaper rash cream. It might not seem like an essential...until you need it. Trust me. Wet bag (or large ziploc bag). Toting home clothes soiled by baby spit-up or a diaper blowout is never fun, but it's a little easier if you have a way to keep those clothes from stinking up -- or worse, soiling -- your diaper bag. Rattles or toys. If your baby is old enough, don't forget a little something to keep him busy. An extra shirt for you. Yes, for you! There was more than one occasion where I really, really wish I'd have remembered to pack an extra shirt for myself. As much as I joked about being the overtired, worn out mom with spit up all over her shirt, it wasn't so much fun to actually have the spit up (or worse) all over my shirt! As he gets older:
  • Baby food and two spoons
  • Snacks
  • Sippie cup
>>Is there anything else you feel is a diaper bag essential? Share and do your fellow moms a favor!>>

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