There's a story circulating on the web about a Dunkin Donuts employee who allegedly called the cops on a mom...
There's a story circulating on the web about a Dunkin Donuts employee who allegedly called the cops on a mom who was breastfeeding in the Dunkin Donuts. As with these issues that become "hot" on the 'net, it spread around a bit, stories were inconsistent and what occurred is not entirely clear. In response to the controversy, Dunkin Donuts released the following statement:
We have looked into the matter concerning 2 moms at a DD store in NJ & have confirmed an employee was responding to another customer's complaint that wasn't related to breastfeeding. None of the DD employees challenged the guests about breastfeeding & all DDs must comply w/ local, state & federal laws w/ regard to nursing mothers. Our top priority is always to provide an excellent experience for our guests. (Source: The Stir)
Apparently, the Dunkin Donuts employee contends the mom actually changed her baby's diaper in Dunkin Donuts. The mom insists she was breastfeeding her baby in Dunkin Donuts. Since sharing her story, she has said that she feels attacked and misrepresented. Consequently, she has taken her account off the internet. Here's the deal: I have NO idea whether the Dunkin Donuts employee called the cops because she was breastfeeding in public or because she changed a dirty diaper. If they called because she was breastfeeding, two words: not cool. If they called because she changed a dirty diaper, a few more words: Overreaction? Maybe. But nonetheless, that's just gross. Yep, I said it. Gross. Before I potentially offend some of my fellow moms, let me again be clear that I have no idea what went down in Dunkin Donuts, I'd never venture to guess and it's likely that nobody will know for sure except those who were present. Even if there is a police report, it's probably a "he said, she said" account. This latest controversy simply brought up the diaper changing at a table issue for me -- even if that didn't happen in this case -- because that bothers me. I recall reading about it when Kim Kardashian sent out a tweet that was both offensive (complaining about a mom breastfeeding at a restaurant table) and totally rational (complaining about a mom changing a diaper at a restaurant table). I'm not judgmental of other mothers, at least not in general. Nothing irritates me more than competitive moms -- moms who judge, Mompetitors, Type A Moms...Call them what you want, I don't want to hang out with them. Because I'm not that kind of mom. I am, however, a person. And as a person. I find some actions unacceptable. One of those? Changing a baby's diaper at a restaurant table. It's disgusting. Poop is gross. I mean, come on, pee really isn't great, either. I deal with my fair share of both. I'm a mom. I'm not so out-of-touch with reality that I have no idea what it's like to deal with dirty diapers. At one point just over a year ago, I had a new-to-our-family eight month old baby with a *serious* intestinal issue that often resulted in complete diaper blow-outs every half an hour. (Yes, twice an hour. Sometimes more.) At the same time, I had a just-turned-two-year-old who was also in diapers. I was often out and about on my own, a feat that in and of itself was sometimes difficult, diaper changes aside. For a period of time, between the two of them, I changed more diapers each day than I care to remember. In fact I'm getting sort of twitchy as I type this. I know, I know, some places don't have public bathrooms. Some public bathrooms don't have changing tables. I found that in businesses without public bathrooms, if I explained my predicament to an employee and assured them I would take the dirty diaper with me to dispose of in a receptacle somewhere other than the one in their employee-only bathroom, I was almost always allowed to use their bathroom to change my baby "just this one time." If I found myself in a public bathroom without a changing table -- which happened often -- I made it work. Also, know this. I am a public bathroom germ freak. My mother gave me issues. (Sorry, Mom, but it's true.) I don't care how many factual studies you show me that prove many places I have regular contact with are far dirtier than a public bathroom, I can't stand public bathrooms. Before I had kids, I would go an entire day without peeing (healthy, right? And TMI?) just so that I could avoid a public bathroom. But still, my basic level of respect for others and my commitment to a very minimal amount of decency kept me on the straight and narrow and inside those bathrooms when changing diapers. When a bathroom wasn't an option, I often changed diapers in the back of my SUV or on the passenger seat. Also? I lived in Arizona. Do you know how hot it gets in the middle of July? I do. It's especially hot when trying to change a diaper in the car, where temperatures are nearly unbearable. And yes, the stench in the kind of heat...well, I can't go there again. I will absolutely admit to having found myself in a predicament or two. I've had to find a corner in a park to change a diaper in a stroller. Once, I had to change a diaper on a bench in Washington D.C. near some monument or other (with my mom holding a jacket over my son, and away from as many people as possible). Because sometimes, as a mom, you really do have to take care of business. I get that. Life happens. But no way, no how, does that kind of life happen in a restaurant. At a table. Ever. And with that, I will end my rant. This is likely one of the more seriously opinionated posts you will read from me here at the Pregnancy and Baby blog. But, you know, we all have our issues. And I guess this is mine! What do you think about changing diapers at restaurant tables? Are you okay with it? Not so much, but understand that "stuff" happens sometimes? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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