A few days ago, Matt Lauer of NBC interviewed George W. Bush, who was promoting his memoir Decision Points. During...
A few days ago, Matt Lauer of NBC interviewed George W. Bush, who was promoting his memoir Decision Points. During the interview, President Bush discussed an incident wherein his mom miscarried, placed the fetus in a jar and had Bush drive her to the hospital. I'll admit that's a little startling for me to hear, mainly because Bush was a teenager at the time it occurred. That is a lot for any teen to process. However, Bush didn't portray the incident in a negative light. While many people were shocked at the revelation, others applaud it because miscarriage, and the emotions it brings, has become a national topic of discussion. Some called it horrifying that Mrs. Bush shared that with her son, while others understood President Bush's feelings -- that it brought him closer to his mother. I don't think those opinions matter that much because what occurred as a result was more awareness. Google "President Bush and mom's miscarriage" and you'll see how many articles discussing miscarriage in general have cropped up just this week. While they certainly mention the Lauer interview, most go on to discuss miscarriage in general. If you ask me, that's a good thing. Miscarriage isn't always an openly discussed topic in our country. It seems that although having a miscarriage can be emotionally devastating for women, they're often expected to deal with it quietly. But why? A Wall Street Journal article explains the depth of the loss for some women:
Most women survive the loss without lasting psychological distress. But the experience can hit as hard as the death of a spouse or any other family member, and women’s reactions can be extreme in the months after the loss. Some isolate themselves, hiding their grief; others lean on friends and family for support; most consider the fetus to be very much a part of themselves, a ghostly presence. (Source)
Politics aside, viewing the interview and the revelation through a lens of awareness, I felt it was positive. What do you think? Should George W. Bush have shared the story of his mom's miscarriage? Beyond that, should his mom have involved him so intimately?

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