Both of my boys were born around or shortly after Thanksgiving. I was actually expecting our first son the Saturday...
Both of my boys were born around or shortly after Thanksgiving. I was actually expecting our first son the Saturday after Thanksgiving. As we knew my health problems, everyone assumed he would arrive early. For my baby shower, I got the cutest little newborn sleeper with turkeys on it. Don't believe me that it was the cutest? Feast your eyes on this little Butterball -- his in utero nickname -- dressed in the cutest little turkey outfit. Ever.

Thanksgiving BB

I know. I know. Don't you just want to nom his little cheeks? Me too. And I did. So, yes, back to the matter at hand: Dressing your little Turkey Baby. The good news is that they're still offering ever so cute options for November (and late October) newborns. The bad news is that it's hard to pick favorites. For girls, I simply couldn't pass up this Turkey jumper dress. Thanksgiving Dress It's a little more frilly and fussy than I like to see new-new babies in, and it is easier to change a sleeper than a fluffy dress. But, my golly, I'd put a little newborn baby girl in this dress in a heartbeat. A heartbeat! For the boys (and non-frilly-girls) among us, this sleeper: Turkey Sleeper With this bib: Turkey Bib Will equal a cute that can't be matched by anyone else at your Thanksgiving soiree. Well, scratch that. It doesn't matter if your newborn pukes all over his clothes or poops all over her dress and you have to parade the baby around in a fresh diaper while wrapped in a blanket: Your baby will still be the cutest one at the party. Trust me. But, really, take an extra outfit or two. If this is your first baby, you may not know that well-planned outfits, especially on holidays, are always the ones that get messy the fastest. An extra outfit or two, extra bibs and a lot of diapers will help you get through your day. Your pediatrician may have also suggested that you stay home with your newborn this Thanksgiving. I understand. But that's no reason to skimp on the cute clothes! Dress up your new little bundle and take pictures to email or text to the rest of your loved ones getting together for the celebration. Wherever you go -- or don't -- and whatever your little one wears -- or doesn't -- this is going to be your most thankful Thanksgiving ever. Enjoy it!

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