Put down the peanut butter cup! I see you there, rifling through your three year old's candy bag while he's...
Peanuts Put down the peanut butter cup! I see you there, rifling through your three year old's candy bag while he's napping. I know you're working a righteous pregnancy craving for something sweet but also salty. But back away from the peanut butter cup. And the Snickers bar. And the Baby Ruth. And so on. Back away from the peanuts. That's right. Eating peanuts while pregnant has now been linked to positive allergy tests in allergy prone kids. Mmhmm. It's all because you have been eating peanuts. Bad mom. I'm done making light of the subject. It's actually a pretty serious issue, one that we're kind of lucky to be learning about. If we could help kids refrain from having allergies, I think the majority of moms would be on board. It's just kind of hard to be told that there's one more thing we can't eat or do while pregnant. And, really, I love me some peanut butter. The study was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology this week. And basically states that the more peanuts a pregnant mom ate, the more likely her kid was to have an allergy to peanuts.
The 503 babies at five U.S. sites were between three months and 15 months old when their mothers were questioned about their peanut consumption during pregnancy, and the babies were tested for the presence of antibodies in the blood that would suggest they're allergic to peanuts. A total of 140 infants had strong sensitivity to peanut based on their blood tests.
Bummer. Of course, that doesn't actually mean that they will end up with the allergy. They will now be tracking the babies to see if they do develop the allergy. (Peanut products shouldn't be given to a baby until after they are a year old due to the risk of allergy anyway.) So, we have to wait and see what the rest of the research will tell us about peanut allergies and peanut consumption while pregnant. Doesn't this whole discussion make you want to eat a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a big ole glass of milk? Me too. And I'm not pregnant. Whew. So what's a pregnant woman to do? I don't know. I ate tuna more than twice a week a few times. I didn't have sushi, but I did have some lunch meat and some soft serve ice cream here and there. I consumed a small amount of caffeine every day. But I would also really, really hate to know that I was responsible for my kids' allergies. It's a tough decision. Will you be refraining from eating peanuts while pregnant? Photo Credit: Francesco Pappalardo.

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