While some scientists say that cravings, in general, don't exist, I bet pregnant women the world 'round laugh when they...
While some scientists say that cravings, in general, don't exist, I bet pregnant women the world 'round laugh when they hear such nonsense. I had very specific cravings with each of my pregnancies. In fact, I kind of fell into the old wives' tale gender prediction stereotype. The old wives tale goes something like this:
If you're craving sweets, like chocolate, you're having a girl. If you're craving sour or savory things, you're having a boy.
SnickersWith my firstborn, I wanted nothing but Snickers bars. It should be stated, first and foremost, that I don't even really like chocolate. If I'm going to like and eat a piece of chocolate, it's not going to be some cheap, store bought candy bar. It needs to be a delectable piece of dark chocolate and/or a peanut cluster. But not a Snickers. And, let me tell you, I couldn't get enough of them when I was pregnant with my daughter! To this day, I cannot even smell Snickers without feeling ill. With my two sons, I wanted spicy things. Mainly I wanted buffalo sauce and jalapenos or peppercinis. On everything. My friends asked if those food choices gave me heartburn. Nope. What gave me heartburn was homemade cookies (butter/grease). I was otherwise a-okay with my spicy fair. And they're both boys. So, I fall into the whole wives tale gender prediction stereotype. Now, before you start devouring the entire bag of bite-sized Snickers like someone I know, remember that eating too much sugar during pregnancy isn't entirely healthy. More over, some cravings might be able to tell you what you're currently lacking in your diet. Some alternative medicine followers believe that a lack of magnesium will trigger that sweet tooth. But, really, before you eat the whole bag -- or even the whole bag of pretzels -- stop and think about what you're doing. Yes, pregnancy gives us that literal room to indulge just a bit more. We're going to gain weight, so we might as well do it in style, right? I'm not one of those who is going to tell you to restrict your diet so you only gain minimal weight while pregnant. That's not healthy. It's equally unhealthy, however, to gain too much weight. Next time you're having a craving, have a tall glass of water and wait ten more minutes to see if you're still really craving that peanut butter and pickle. If so, eat just one. You'll still be pregnant tomorrow! (Unless you won't. Then maybe you can have two.) What were your weirdest pregnancy cravings? Photo Credit: Husso.

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