A Fertility Website Polled Nearly 7,000 Pregnant Women To Reveal Their Drinking And Smoking Habits While Pregnant – And The Results May (Or May Not!) Surprise You.

A fertility website polled nearly 7,000 pregnant women to reveal their drinking and smoking habits while pregnant – and...
A fertility website polled nearly 7,000 pregnant women to reveal their drinking and smoking habits while pregnant – and the results may (or may not!) surprise you. Drinking alcohol while pregnant FertilityFlower.com polled 6, 548 moms on drinking alcohol while pregnant and got the following results:
  • 23% drank alcohol ‘occasionally’
  • 4% said they got drunk while pregnant
  • 51% agreed that getting drunk while pregnant was “disgusting”
  • 37% admitted they missed drinking alcohol when pregnant
  • 12% reduced their alcohol consumption post-pregnancy as a result of not drinking during their pregnancy
Where do the experts stand on drinking alcohol when pregnant? How much is safe to consume? The March of Dimes takes a firm stance, saying: “Although many women are aware that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause birth defects, many do not realize that moderate or even light drinking also may harm the fetus. In fact, no level of alcohol use during pregnancy has been proven safe. Therefore, the March of Dimes recommends that pregnant women do not drink any alcohol, including beer, wine, wine coolers and liquor, throughout their pregnancy and while nursing.” Smoking while pregnant The poll revealed the following results on pregnant moms and smoking:
  • 28% smoked while pregnant
  • 39% said that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while pregnant was ‘bad parenting”
  • 6% think it should be made illegal to consume harmful toxins when pregnant
Of those who admitted smoking, they revealed the following:
  • 48% said it was because they were “addicted to smoking”
  • 29% said they thought quitting smoking would more “more harmful” to their child because of the “stress” that quitting would case
The March of Dimes estimates a lower number of pregnant moms smoking, saying that at least 10 percent of women in the US smoke during pregnancy. “Cigarette smoke contains more than 2,500 chemicals. It is not known for certain which of these chemicals are harmful to the developing baby, but both nicotine and carbon monoxide play a role in causing adverse pregnancy outcomes." They say smoking nearly doubles a woman’s risk of having a low-birthweight baby. “I personally believe that smoking or consuming alcohol when pregnant is a really bad idea as it scientifically proven that it is harmful for the unborn baby. When a woman is pregnant her decisions no longer only affect her, every choice she makes has potential consequences for her unborn baby,” says Kimberly Ann Racic, founder of FertilityFlower.com Tips on staying healthy during pregnancy: How to quit smoking during pregnancy Drinking alcohol while pregnant: Safe or risky?

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