Alicia Silverstone Names Baby Bear Blu And Folks Freak Out

So, I normally avoid celebrity birth issues, mainly because it's not all that interesting to me. I'm more interested in...
So, I normally avoid celebrity birth issues, mainly because it's not all that interesting to me. I'm more interested in issues that affect all mamas, not just Hollywood mamas. Still, being that some people consider my son's name to be less than ordinary, and seeing as how people are freaking out over the name Bear Blu, I feel compelled to comment. According to reports, Alicia Silverstone gave birth on Thursday, May 5. Silverstone and her hubs named their new baby boy, Bear Blu. Of course, many people are commenting negatively on the baby's name on Twitter, blogs and other media sites. How annoying. When my son was born and we told people his name, Cedar Blue, folks frequently said to us, "Really? Are you sure?" or, "HEY I knew a dog named Cedar." Cedar's grandmother went so far to say, "Did you say Peter?.... No? Oh, that's too bad." First of all, trust me, as someone who has been there, no amount of mean or lame comments would have enticed my son's dad and I to change Cedar's name after the fact. We did actually choose his name for a reason. Secondly, Cedar likes his name, or so he tells me. Case in point, although people warned me over and over that he'd be made fun of, Cedar is ten years old now, and no other kids have ever made fun of his name. All of the meanness we've ever seen surrounding Cedar's name has come from adults. I suppose it helps that my son has known kids named Sage, Zen, Forest, Sequoia, Katana and so on. Uncommon names aren't exactly THAT odd anymore. Kids don't blink twice at names nowadays. Lastly, I'd just like to point out to everyone making fun of the name Bear Blu, or any other less than normal names, that the most popular names in America right now are based on a tween vampire novel and a television show about pregnant teens. Seriously? Twitter is all a flutter with hate for the name Bear Blu, while adolescent vampires and pregnant teens inspire the country? Can you see how insane this is? What do you think of the name Bear Blu? Love it? Hate it? More importantly - did you choose a name that other people hated for your own child? How did you handle that? Also see: How to choose the best baby name.

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