1. DON'T PANIC! - It's easy to get caught up with all those milestone charts and articles about what your...
1. DON'T PANIC! - It's easy to get caught up with all those milestone charts and articles about what your baby should be doing when, but keep in mind that ALL babies are different. Baby milestones are estimates only, not die-hard, inflexible time frames. 2. Trust your gut - My son was a late talker. It worried me to a point, but it didn't make my gut feel all nervous and edgy. Basically, yeah, I wished Cedar would have talked sooner, but no red flags went off about the situation. My lack of red flags was right too - Cedar eventually learned to talked and is perfectly chatty now. Your gut can also work the other way too. If red flags do go off in your gut, there may be something to it. Talk to your baby's pediatrician. 3. Ignore other parents and babies - As a parent you will run into your fair share of parents who have bred super human genius babies. You know, the babies who are surfing and reciting Shakespeare at 13 mos - OR so the parent says. Please refrain from comparing your baby with other babies and their achievements (especially the overinflated ones). If you do feel that your baby is missing a major milestone, do the following:
  • If your partner is present, discuss the issue with him or her and get their take on the milestone. You can also talk to other caregivers and see if they've noticed the same issue with your baby.
  • Discuss the issue with your baby's pediatrician.
  • If your pediatrician thinks there might be a delay, ask for a referral to a baby specialist, such as a developmental pediatrician, child neurologist or child psychologist.
  • The CDC notes that you can call your state’s public early childhood system to request a free evaluation to find out if your child qualifies for intervention services. This may be called a Child Find evaluation. If your little one is under three years of age, contact the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) at 1-800-695-0285. Or visit the NICHCY website and look for your local early intervention system.
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