Do Peanuts Eaten During Pregnancy Cause Allergies Or Not - No One Seems To Know For Sure.

We hear a lot of back and fourth information about peanut and other food allergies. For example, peanut allergies used...
We hear a lot of back and fourth information about peanut and other food allergies. For example, peanut allergies used to be mostly non-existent. Then, for a while, peanut allergies were all anyone could talk about. Then the news broke that you could maybe prevent peanut allergies by exposing your child to nuts. THEN a new peanut allergy test appeared that could diagnose peanut allergies better, and as it turns out, fewer kids then we thought had actual allergies. The newest news is this - eating peanuts during pregnancy may be bad and could expose your yet, unborn baby to an allergy. This, by the way, is in direct opposition to earlier studies which said, go ahead and eat nuts mama. In any case, the newest study says that babies with a probable milk or egg allergy were significantly more likely to be allergic to peanuts if their mothers ate them during their pregnancy. The study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, looked at 512 babies aged from 3 to 15 months who had had symptoms of egg and/or milk allergy, eczema PLUS a positive milk or egg allergy test result. The study found that if a mama ate peanuts during her pregnancy her child had a greater risk of having a peanut allergy. They also found that male, non-Caucasian babies showcased a higher risk for having a peanut allergy. Current recommendations up until recently, by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), noted that mamas at risk of allergic disease should refrain from eating peanuts while pregnant and breastfeeding. Now the APP doesn't place limits on peanuts for pregnant and nursing mamas. What to do? Well, it's hard to know what to do. All this conflicting info makes it hard to know - should you eat nuts or not? You can't know if your baby might be born prone to allergies or not. We also (obviously) aren't sure where peanut allergies actually arise from. My suggestion - read three ways to ‘maybe’ prevent the development of food allergies. Keep regular checkups with your baby's pediatrician and always discuss your pregnancy diet with your midwife or doctor. *Source

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