Excuses For Not Breastfeeding That Make Sense And Some That Really Don't.

It's National Breastfeeding Month so we're really focusing on why breastfeeding rocks for both babies and mamas. However, there are...
It's National Breastfeeding Month so we're really focusing on why breastfeeding rocks for both babies and mamas. However, there are exceptions. Why the exceptions? All mamas are different. Breastfeeding is, no question, the healthier choice for both your baby and you, but breastfeeding also doesn't always pan out for all mamas. Why breastfeeding may not work for you: You're not getting the proper breastfeeding support - personally I'd say of all the mamas I've met, this is the single biggest reason why breastfeeding becomes a problem issue. You smoke, drink excessively or take illegal drugs. Drugs of any kind can pass through your breast milk to your baby. Researchers debate whether it's more important to breastfeed or more important that your child doesn't get passed drugs through breast milk. In my opinion, passing drugs to your child is a very bad idea. If you are going to take drugs excessively, it might be best to consider formula. That said, if you smoke or drink once in a while, experts mostly agree that it's still best to breastfeed. Your health or diet are lacking considerably. You have to be very unhealthy to have your health affect your breastfeeding ability. But some mamas aren't that healthy. If your diet is poor or you have a health condition, I'd try to improve both so you can breastfeed, but sometimes it's not possible. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a policy statement "Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk" that lists times when you should not breastfeed such as when the infant has galactosemia, the mother uses illegal drugs and the mother has untreated active tuberculosis. You gave your baby a bottle before he learned to breastfeed correctly. Nipple confusion can be such a serious issue that your baby may avoid breastfeeding altogether. Don't make nipple confusion mistakes if you want to breastfeed. You have serious pain while breastfeeding. Some mamas stop breastfeeding because of pain. One, it should not hurt to breastfeed. It may not be the most comfortable feeling ever, but pain is different than uncomfortable. If you have breast pain while breastfeeding see a doctor stat. Bad excuses: You don't have enough milk. Note that I didn't post this above. This is the excuse I hear MOST often from mamas who don't breastfeed. They'll say, "I just didn't have enough milk." In fact, research shows that not being able to produce enough milk is extremely rare. Most time if you feel like you're not producing enough milk it's an easy fix, like you're not sleeping enough, not breastfeeding enough, or not eating properly. IF a health care provider tells you that you cannot produce enough milk, I'd wonder seriously about how dedicated this 'pro' is to breastfeeding and I'd get a second opinion. In every single case I've ever seen where a mama say, "I don't have enough milk" AND then gets support, she magically will produce enough milk. You just don't want to. Take a look at your issues with breastfeeding. Why don't you want to? Are you embarrassed to breastfeed? Is your partner not on board? If it's an issue like this you may want to reconsider. Your partner is not hip to breastfeeding. Partners can seriously influence breastfeeding success or failure. However, if your partner is not on board, it's a flimsy reason not to breastfeed. The new formulas are just as good as breast milk so why breastfeed? This is not true. Breast milk is perfect nutrition for your baby, and there is no formula that compares. True, formula has come a long way, and provides good nutrition, but it’s not the same as breast milk. If you're not going to breastfeed, take a look at some of the benefits of bottle feeding. In spite of me being a major breastfeeding advocate, not all aspects of bottle feeding suck - there are some benefits.

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