So I just read the most interesting post over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess - “The 10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make”...
So I just read the most interesting post over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess - “The 10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make” - Seriously? Seriously?!! All those exclamation points makes sense once you read her post which focuses on a list released by Lifescript called the “10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make:” Here are the ten biggest mistakes Lifescript says you can make...
  1. Sharing a bed with baby.
  2. Putting your child to bed with milk or juice.
  3. Buying second-hand toys or baby furniture.
  4. Showing your child “smart baby” DVDs.
  5. Putting kids in the basket of a shopping cart.
  6. Sharing utensils with your child.
  7. Delaying or avoiding vaccines.
  8. Leaving your child alone in the car “just for a minute.”
  9. Skipping helmets on tricycle rides.
  10. Leaving your child alone in the bath or shower.
Don't even get me started on number 1. Co-sleeping?! The biggest mistake ever. I'm wondering if Lifescript has heard of all these fun crib recalls? Seriously? Most of the free world co-sleeps trouble free. Only other choices that the USA is so well known for (drug abuse, obesity) end up making co-sleeping a danger. Lame. As for the rest of the list; well... I agree with 2, 8, 9 and 10 but those are basic safety issues. Your child should wear a helmet and as I spout off about time and time again water safety is a major deal. As for the other mistakes on the list. Sure there's evidence you shouldn't share utensils and I'm a baby tooth brushing advocate which makes number 2 seem like a poor choice. 7 is debatable depending on where you stand on vaccines and number 3 is just plain stupid. Buying used baby gear (if you do it smartly) is not only an excellent way to save money on baby gear but it's also eco-friendly. Half of these on the list I'd hardly call the "Biggest mistakes you can make." Take number 4 - yeah those DVDs won't turn out genius babies but why should parents feel guilty if once in a while they allow their little one to watch a show? In any case, obviously I don't agree with this list in total. I like the safety tips, but the fact that co-sleeping was the first baddie on the list is a major turn off no matter how good the rest of the advice may be. Later I think I'll be back with my own list (IMO they left some MAJOR mistakes off this list) til then you tell me - do you think the above list is good? Bad? Needs work?

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