Crying During Pregnancy (Even About Little Things) Is Normal But Your Emotions Should Not Take Over And Affect Your Life Negatively.

During pregnancy, your hormone levels change and can cause somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde effect. You may be just...
During pregnancy, your hormone levels change and can cause somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde effect. You may be just fine, then see a Lifetime-like movie and burst into tears. In fact, you could see even something as simple as a car commercial featuring a happy family and start bawling. Beyond the hormones, you're also dealing with a HUGE event. Having a baby is no walk in the park. It can be fun, but it can also be a confusing time for many women. You're heading into unknown territory, which can be scary and raise all sorts of stressful questions. When to worryWoman crying Tears happen -- sometimes when you least expect it. That said, pregnancy mood swings should never affect your day to day life (or another person's life) in an ongoing or negative way. If you honestly can't stop crying or you feel depressed, really stressed, scared or so sad that you feel like you might hurt yourself well, now the crying is a problem. You're not alone, because pregnancy depression happens to many women, but you should know that depression such as this is not like the normal mood swings I'm talking about above. You need to talk about treatment options with your midwife or doctor. Sometimes just talking about your concerns can help -- and in case you're worried, pregnancy depression does not always lead to medication. Also, while it's recommended that ALL women be screened for pregnancy depression, very few care providers follow through -- so it's your job to bring it up. It's hard to take that first step, but trust me: you'll feel better if you talk to your care provider and you'll have a healthier pregnancy and better birth experience. Note: Not all women experience mood swings during pregnancy. While it's normal to feel sensitive, it's not some indicator that you'll be a more sensitive mama. Pregnancy mood swings hit who they hit. Unless extreme, they do not affect your future parenting skills.

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