The choice to find out baby gender is easy for some couples and harder for others. I've met couples who...
The choice to find out baby gender is easy for some couples and harder for others. I've met couples who argue incessantly over finding out the gender (or not) and it's not pretty. Some women don't even need to officially learn the gender because they already know. I knew from the second I saw that positive pregnancy test that I'd be having a boy - it's unexplainable, but I just knew. My best friend knew early on too - as do many women.

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However, if you aren't sure about gender, and you're both on the fence about finding out the gender, here are some pros and cons... Pros of finding out baby gender:
  • It makes it easier to settle down on a name.
  • You can plan ahead better if you're into pink for girls and blue for boys - for example nursery colors, clothing, etc.
  • It can make your partner feel more involved. They don't get to carry the baby so they miss this bonding opp, so knowing the gender can really help encourage early bonding between your partner and the baby.
  • It can save you money because you can plan ahead to borrow gender specific baby goods you need.
  • If you're feeling disconnected from your pregnancy, knowing the gender can help you feel more connected.
Cons of finding out baby gender:
  • It's NEVER 100%. No matter how careful, lab techs have been known to make mistakes during an ultrasound. If you're all geared up for a girl, and have a boy it can be confusing.
  • You will have to live with the news for the remainder of your pregnancy. For example, I wanted a girl, so I had some major guilt during my pregnancy.
  • You'll get less useful baby shower gifts - no joke. This not only means you'll have to shop more but it wastes money too.
  • It keeps you away from boring colors. Pink and blue are so overrated. Not knowing the gender means you'll be more likely to think outside the box when it comes to nursery decor and clothing.
  • Many women note that not finding out the gender made labor easier because of the surprise factor.

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