There are so many reasons why you need plenty of fresh veggies during your pregnancy; for example in college nutrition...
There are so many reasons why you need plenty of fresh veggies during your pregnancy; for example in college nutrition courses I learned...
  • Vegetables can help you stay full and keep you at a healthy pregnancy weight.
  • Health nutrition supports a healthy placenta.
  • Early healthy nutrition supports critical development for your baby. Your baby's brain, heart and lungs all develop early in a pregnancy and so early nutrition is key because malnourishment can result in poor organ development. And when nutrition experts say, "malnutrition" they don't mean you aren't eating enough, they also mean you aren't eating enough of the proper foods.
  • Vegetables provide energy for you and help provide the basic minerals vitamins needed for rapid cell development of your baby.

veggies for a healthy pregnancy

Here are some ways to sneak in more veggies each and every day:
  • Add fresh cut broccoli, red peppers, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms to your scrambled eggs or omelet. You can top your eggs off with salsa too.
  • Speaking of salsa, it's chock full of veggies and can be used for everything. Use it in tacos, sure, but also use it as a dip for whole wheat crackers or carrots, top chicken breasts with it, put it on a burger, and so on.
  • Add shredded carrots, spinach, onions, and zucchini to your meat - think lean burgers and meatloaf. Not only does it add a veggie punch, but this helps keep your meat moist.
  • Learn to love casseroles. I know casseroles are so home and country and usually considered boring - BUT you can pack them full of veggies and there are plenty of cool casserole recipes around.
  • Blend your veggies up. Veggie smoothies are actually yummy and means you can drink your meals some of the time - handy if you've got morning sickness.
  • Start each meal with a salad or veggie rich soup. This is a good tip on two points. One, it means you get important nutrients first and secondly you'll be more full and maybe pass up on extra breads and protein - which yes, are part of a healthy diet, but not at the risk of fewer veggies.
  • Buy veggie juice instead of fruit juice all the time.

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