Since Mother's Day is coming up you might want to indulge your sweet tooth a little (mamas deserve treats!). Most...
Since Mother's Day is coming up you might want to indulge your sweet tooth a little (mamas deserve treats!). Most healthy diet advocates recommend that you treat yourself once in a while so you don't feel deprived and binge. The key is to eat healthy most of the time and make sure you choose treats that pack a punch. For example, there are mostly healthy treats available like smoothies and also choosing one amazing square of REAL excellent chocolate may satisfy you more than an entire bar of so-so candy.


If you're expecting or trying to shed your pregnancy pounds following are some excellent treat choices:
  1. Banana split made with with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream and low-cal whipped cream. Go easy on the chocolate or fruit toppings!
  2. Frozen chocolate milk - I had a pregnant friend who swore by this treat. She make skim chocolate milk, freeze it, then much it.
  3. Sugary decadent kid cereals: Now, kid cereals aren't perfect, but face it, a nice bowl of Apple Jacks or Cocoa Pebbles will satisfy your sweet cravings but not pack in the calories like other treats (think cookies and ice cream). Plus even sugary kid cereals are packed with nutrients and health benefits when served with skim milk.
  4. Baked apples or baked pears. If you eliminate some of the sugar most recipes call for and up the spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc) you'll have a sweet treat with the added benefit of healthy fruit.
  5. Dried cranberries or apricots: super sweet and high in Vitamin C and A.
  6. Veggie Booty: try these instead of chips - Veggie Booty contains a blend of Spinach, Kale, Cabbage, Carrots, and Broccoli.
  7. Homemade pregnancy ice pops
  8. Deep Chocolate VitaTops - indulgent chocolate muffin tops that come in at just 100 calories per serving!
  9. Frozen pickle juice treats for mamas!
  10. If you're super hard up for sweets your whole pregnancy try wearing your treat instead of eating it. You can get some yummy CHOCOLAT Orange Chocolate Organic Body Butter or SHEA YOU LOVE ME� Vanilla Bean Organic Body Butter.

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