Easier said than done right? I'll admit I sort of obsessed about weight gain during pregnancy. I was always sort...
Easier said than done right? I'll admit I sort of obsessed about weight gain during pregnancy. I was always sort of thin, and being heavier, even though I knew it was because I was preggers, was tough for me. Not so much because I was thinking about how I looked, but carrying around extra weight was new and really weird. That said, you really should try to cut back on the obsessing. Most women, when pregnant, are going to gain weight, that's just fact. And you should. There are conditions that can make you lose weight during pregnancy, and it's not healthy for the mama or baby - so if you're gaining regularly, it's much better. If you restrict calories because you're scared of gaining too much weight your baby will grab the most important nutrients for his own growth and development which means you get less. Once labor arrives, you're going to be less equipped to handle it if you're undernourished. Another negative of gaining too little weight is that your baby may have a lower than normal birth weight. How to gain weight right; without the worry... Focus on nutrition rather than pounds. If you follow a healthy pregnancy diet plan, you won't over gain. It's eating for two full sized people and all the added stuff (ice cream) that packs on extra pounds, not carrots, chicken, and whole grains. Cut out most empty calories. Treats now and then are a-ok, just make sure your non-nutritional treats are eaten in moderation. Another idea; try treats that are actually good for you. Since you're going to gain weight during your pregnancy, you may as well make sure the weight you gain is kept tone with prenatal exercise. You can get a great body, even when you're pregnant. Don't skip breakfast. When you eat breakfast, studies show that you'll eat healthier the whole day long. Keep your baby's well-being in mind. Know that this extra weight is there for a reason. Some of it is made up of baby (obviously) and other pounds are added due to amniotic fluid. This is weight gain with a purpose. Do you think you've been obsessing over pregnancy weight?

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