During your third trimester you may be feeling a little more tired than in your second, but there's still...


During your third trimester you may be feeling a little more tired than in your second, but there's still some important tasks to get done... Your third trimester checklist: Get your house in tip-top shape. You'll feel better having a tidy house once your baby arrives. Don't go nuts, because overdoing it, is a bad idea, but keep up on basics like dusting, dishes, and laundry for sure. Start prepping make-ahead meals. Make and store some freezer meals. As you get really close to your due date, make sure you have your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks and easy meal items like soups and frozen stir fry. If you're having a hospital birth pack your bag with all the essentials. If you're having a home birth, read this handy home birth equipment list. If you haven't done so yet, take a tour of the place where you'll be giving birth. Fill out all the paperwork you can so that when you are in labor, most of the paper trail is out of the way. Find a pediatrician for your newborn - if you need help, read; What to look for in a pediatrician for your newborn. Install your infant car seat - actually, it may be easier for your partner or a pal to install it (lots of climbing around in the back seat). Make sure you know how to use it though. Buy a couple of nursing bras. Read up on new mama care after the baby arrives. Before you go into labor brush up on your labor and childbirth rights. Get plenty of rest! Those stories you hear about nesting and mamas who get major bursts of energy at the last minute, well, they're true. However, try to chill. Labor is extremely energy intensive, it's not smart to be overworked right when labor starts.

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