In the last post we looked at plus size pregnancy problems. There are also some easy steps you can take...
In the last post we looked at plus size pregnancy problems. There are also some easy steps you can take that may help you feel better during pregnancy. You can't diet - but you can eat great: Meet with a nutrition expert and plan a perfect pregnancy diet, one that's full of plenty of healthy foods, but not low on the calories and nutrients your growing baby needs. Shop for maternity clothing early. Overweight women don't always look pregnant because their body shape hides it. Aim for maternity clothing that screams pregnant while still being cute. One nice plus size maternity clothing shop is Plus Mom Maternity - they have great clothes that will help you feel positive. Ask your health care provider about folic acid. Some studies show that typical folic acid amounts aren't enough for a larger pregnant woman. Look around for a plus size exercise class that can cater to pregnant women. If a prenatal yoga or swim class full of trim pregnant mamas is going to make you feel self conscious, don't bother. I'd check out a plus size class where the instructor has experience with pregnant women. If you're too self conscious attend a class, it's no good to you. Also, prenatal exercise should be a fun and positive experience, not a drag. Find a class you're comfortable with. Read the book, Big, Beautiful, and Pregnant: Expert Advice and Comforting Wisdom for the Expecting Plus-Size Woman by Cornelia van der Ziel Stay positive. It may seem terrible to have to follow special diets, and try to learn to exercise. However, if you pick up healthy habits during pregnancy, like smart eating and exercising, you'll be more likely to keep it up after the baby comes. Soon you'll be more fit and healthier - plus have the energy you need to care for a demanding newborn.

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