There's nothing safe you can smoke during pregnancy. That's the short answer. The long answer is well, complicated. If you smoked...
There's nothing safe you can smoke during pregnancy. That's the short answer. The long answer is well, complicated.


If you smoked pot before you knew you were pregnant: There's currently no evidence that if you smoked before pregnancy that your baby will be affected. Some women smoke pot socially, find out that they're pregnant, and quit right away (early in the pregnancy) - in cases like this, it hasn't been shown that the fetus is developmentally or physically harmed. Most research shows that pot smoking is worse in mid and late pregnancy; although, this is no excuse to smoke during early pregnancy. Quitting is still the healthiest decision. If you know you're pregnant and still smoking pot: You need to stop. Smoking anything consistently during pregnancy is not safe. Cigarettes and pot have both been shown to to have negative affects on babies in the womb. Current research shows that women who smoke pot throughout pregnancy, even casually, can experience inadequate weight gain, excessive vomiting (beyond typical morning sickness), and a harder labor. Babies of women who smoke pot during pregnancy have lower birth weights and there have been reports of symptoms like tremors, vision problems, and withdrawal in these babies. Also consider this - unless you're growing your own pot, you really have no idea what's in that baggie you just bought; do you? Pot bought on the street can be cut with all kinds of dangerous substances that could seriously harm your developing baby. If you're actively trying to conceive: You and a male partner should not smoke pot. Pot has been shown to lower conception rates in both males and females. If you're pregnant and your doctor has prescribed medical marijuana: I'd be very leery of continuing this form of medical treatment during pregnancy. That said, I think you should be careful with ANY drug use during pregnancy. From aspirin to essential oils to medicated creams to hard core street drugs, it's all the same story - there are VERY few drugs that have been proven perfectly safe to take during pregnancy. Unless the risks to you the mother, are terrible, discontinuing drug use is the safest course of action for your baby. Always discuss these decisions with your doctor or midwife. If you have a baby: Never smoke around your baby. Smoke increases your baby's risk of SIDS, can cause asthma, allergies, and other issues. Pot smoking can also affect your judgment negatively, and when you're a new mama, trust me, you need all your brain cells.

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