In the last post we looked at five things to avoid during pregnancy. Now lets see something more cheerful -...
In the last post we looked at five things to avoid during pregnancy. Now lets see something more cheerful - five things you can and should do during pregnancy. Ask about medications and supplements: Always ask your health care provider before taking an over-the-counter medication or vitamin/herbal supplement. Many aren't safe during pregnancy, and it's better to ask first. Fight the pain: Pain and discomfort is commonly thought to be just a basic part of pregnancy. However, you can have a pregnancy that's comfortable and healthy. If you have heartburn, morning sickness, headaches, back pain, or any other uncomfortable issue, talk to your health care provider, because they can suggest ways to cope, feel better, and have a comfortable pregnancy. Make sure to get all the proper vitamins each day: All women need proper nutrition and vitamins during pregnancy. Many women lack extra iron, so a supplement may be necessary. Educate yourself about the vitamins and minerals needed during pregnancy. Get your beauty sleep: Healthy pregnancy sleep is super important. It's hard work to grow a baby. Some studies have compared pregnancy to climbing up hill continuously for nine months - imagine the strain on your body. You do need sleep, and plenty of it. Aim for 7-9 hours a night. De-stress: Plan a fun trip with your partner, take prenatal yoga, exercise safely, take a mama spa day, and eliminate annoyances. Got a lame mother-in-law? She doesn't have to visit during your pregnancy. Have trouble at work? Take some time off, or ask for less responsibility. In the long run, your physical and mental health can affect your ability to handle labor, parenthood, and your relationship with others. Pregnancy can feel overwhelming, so cutting out stressful trouble spots of your life when possible is a good idea. If you can't eliminate stress, talk to your health care provider about options like counseling.

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