There are tons of things you should avoid during pregnancy. There's the obvious - sky-diving, deep sea swimming, raw meat,...
There are tons of things you should avoid during pregnancy. There's the obvious - sky-diving, deep sea swimming, raw meat, you know; obvious stuff. Then there's the typical day-to-day issues you may run into, but should avoid. pregnancy safetyFive things to avoid during pregnancy: Eating mercury laden fish. Studies show that some fish during pregnancy is healthy and perfectly safe, for both you and your growing baby. However, there's some fish you should avoid eating. Make sure you keep a list of good and bad fish during pregnancy handy. Scented feminine hygiene products: It can be tempting; you're tired, feeling out of sorts with your body, and a whiff of fresh scents seems helpful. That said, don't go there. Scents commonly found in feminine sprays, panty liners, bubble baths, and more can irritate areas of your body that frankly, you want to avoid irritation in. These chemical scents can make you more prone to developing a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection, and the meds you'd need to clear that up have not been proven safe during pregnancy. Note that if you feel like you may have an infection, don't avoid your health care provider, they'll be able to suggest the safest course of treatment for your situation - sometimes even natural cures. Douching: Along with scented hygiene products, douching can throw off your natural vaginal ph balance, which is another risk factor for infections. Optional x-rays: Get dental work done before pregnancy if possible. Don't allow extra x-rays unless highly advised by your health care provider. X-rays are noted as being mostly safe during pregnancy, but they still carry a small risk to a growing baby. Foodborne illness: It seems almost silly to suggest avoiding foodborne illness; I mean, who goes out looking for a foodborne illness. Still, during pregnancy, it's important to be vigilant about food safety and proper food handling. Wash your hands before cooking, use separate knives and cutting boards for meats vs. veggies. Store cooked food in the fridge, and cook everything to a decent temperature. Foodborne illness is no fun. Foodborne illness during pregnancy can cause serious health risks to both you and your baby. What are you trying to avoid during your pregnancy? Next up, five things you should do during pregnancy.

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