I remember being pretty tired of plain old water during my pregnancy. Fact - lots of water supports a healthy...
I remember being pretty tired of plain old water during my pregnancy. Fact - lots of water supports a healthy pregnancy. Fact two - water can be sort of blah. pregnancy popsOne good way to pump up your water is to freeze it. I'm not sure why, but plain old water becomes a little more fun frozen. You don't have to stick to completely plain water either. Here are some ideas for pregnancy perfect frozen ice pops...
  • Add a squeeze of lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, or lime and a dash of spritzer before freezing.
  • Brew up some strong ginger tea. Mix in some honey (just a bit) and freeze. Ginger pops not only taste great but ginger helps fight morning sickness as well.
  • Actually most teas make good ice pops. Just remember, many teas have caffeine. Choose one that's caffeine free like Peaceful Mama Tea, a decaffeinated ice tea with lemon, or Red Raspberry Leaf tea.
  • You can freeze juice, but most are sugar heavy. What's better is to blend a little fresh fruit in the blender, such as cherries, watermelon, or blackberries, add water, and pour into ice pop molds.
If you want to go beyond using pops for your liquid needs, you can also make lower calorie deserts. Low-fat skim chocolate milk tastes richer when you freeze it, but is far better than ice cream calorie wise. You can also try freezing healthy organic yogurt and fruit. If you buy plain, unsweetened yogurt, add a little sugar or honey before freezing, or it'll be too sour. You can also freeze pure smashed strawberries or blueberries for an ultra rich treat. To cut the ultra sweet, add a dash of white apple juice. Frozen pregnancy pops are great for all expecting mamas, but extra good if you're pregnant in the heat of summer. Experiment and see what you can create. [Ice pop molds above: Tovolo Star Molds]

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