If you're pregnant and your care provider wants you to take a stress test here's what you need to know....
If you're pregnant and your care provider wants you to take a stress test here's what you need to know. A stress test is not a usual pregnancy procedure anymore. You may be advised to have one if you've been experiencing a hig-risk pregnancy or if something unexpected happens during your pregnancy. The stress test, sometimes called a contraction stress test, evaluates your baby's heart response, or heart rate to contractions. If you're having a stress test you'll be given pitocin. Pitocin will induce contractions. These won't be actual labor inducing contractions though - it's extremely rare that a stress test would start your labor going. You'll be monitored with an exterior monitor that measures your contractions and your baby's response. Normally your care provider wants to see at least 10 good minutes of contractions before the test is considered complete. What the test results mean: If your baby's heart stays steady and does not slow down, that's a good sign. While labor never provides guarantees, that means he'll likely handle labor well. This is called a negative result. A positive result means that your baby's heart rate did become a little funky during the test. Positive results of stress tests are notoriously off. They can be wrong up to 30% of the time, so, don't start worrying yet. What a positive result does mean is that your care provider will probably reevaluate and make a decision to either schedule you for a cesarean birth or maybe even find that the positive result was false. In any case, if you have a positive test, you'll be watched closely in some manner. Should you worry?:  I'd like to say no. However, I had a positive stress test and did worry - no matter what anyone told me. The main reason I'd tell you not to worry is because your care provider does know what to do in this situation. If you have a positive stress test it is to your benefit, because at least there is a clue that something may be wrong. This is far better than not knowing that something is off. As me looking in at the situation, I'd say try not to worry too much if the results are positive. Your own stress levels can negatively affect your upcoming labor. I also recommend taking your partner or a friend to your stress test. That way you have someone to talk to during, and it's relaxing to have a pal there. To learn more about the stress test talk to your care provider or check out this in-depth article. Don’t forget to enter our welcome to spring contest - you could win a baby sign language book!

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