Labor is not passive. Your body and mind both need to be actively involved. That said, there are some ways...
Labor is not passive. Your body and mind both need to be actively involved. That said, there are some ways to prepare for the massive event that is labor and childbirth. 484x194-labor-prep.jpg Practice your kegels religiously. Squat and do a little pelvic tilt: To complete a pelvic tilt exercise, get down on all fours. Your knees and hands should be comfortably planted on the floor (preferably carpet). Arch your back slightly while inhaling. Your abdominal muscles should be contracted. Exhale and round your back while pulling your abs up. You can do this about 10 times a day to strengthen your core muscles. These core muscles are going to help you to effectively push your baby out into the world. It's good to make them strong. If you feel any pain stop right away. Practice sitting on a birthing ball: (Also known as an exercise ball). You can use this technique during labor to relieve pain and promote the opening of the pelvis which helps your baby to descend in the birth canal. You do need to practice before hand, because although sitting seems easy, sitting on a birth ball can be tricky if you've never done it. During labor is not the time to be trying new things; there will be quite enough new things going on. During pregnancy using a birthing ball has added benefits as it can really relieve back pain. You can sit on your ball instead of a chair to surf the net for instance. Try a little belly breathing: Belly breathing is cool; very relaxing. Sit down - on the floor is best. Some women sit with their legs crossed but you can sit any way you like. Place both hands on your belly. Then breathe - slowly exhale and inhale while expanding your belly in and out. You should pull your belly in as you exhale and out on the inhale. This may seem too simple to be doing any good, but it helps to clear your mind and relax. Also, it builds strength in your abdominals and helps you to push affectively during childbirth. You can learn proper belly breathing in a prenatal yoga class.

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