If you are a single mama; either by choice or not so much by choice it can be tough sometimes...
If you are a single mama; either by choice or not so much by choice it can be tough sometimes to cope with raising a little without a partner but you can find support.
  • 836410_woman_and_baby_on_the_beach_2.jpgBuild up a network of friends and family who can give you a hand.
  • Dip into your network and ask for help when you need it.
  • Don't be perfect. Parents with partners have help usually with chores or baby care but if you don't it's harder to keep up. Don't fret though; perfection is in the eye of the beholder (truly) your baby seriously does not care if the bathroom is spotless -- I promise you.
  • If you are not a single mama by choice; say, for instance your partner has simply flown the coop. Be sure to apply for child support. It's your right and especially your child's right. If you don't know where to start check with The National Child Support network if you're in the U.S. and the Child Support Agency in the UK. If you are elsewhere; type "child support" and your area into a search to find support.
Something that really helps if you're a single mama is to find other single mamas. One of my favorite blogs is Solo Mother. The woman who writes it is amazing and insightful and absolutely a mama who rocks. If you're single you will feel right at home. Lots of single mamas visit and comment. Another place to go for helpful single parenting tips is Single Parents. Or, if you simply need a break, you could always watch a cool movie about a single mum with a happy ending. My favorite is About A Boy; which if you haven't seen will charm you to death (and I used to really dislike Huge Grant; if you don't like him either I swear you will after watching this movie -- guaranteed to bring smiles. As a single parent what do you do to get the support you need? 

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