I've had a lot of piercings in my day. When I was pregnant, I still had two of my navel...
I've had a lot of piercings in my day. When I was pregnant, I still had two of my navel rings -- but with the whole belly getting huge deal, I took them out. But you don't have to! pregnancy-piercingEva Lillian Maternity has some very neat (and long) maternity navel barbells that you can wear while you're pregnant. You can leave your regular navel rings in but what may happen is that your belly will grow, expand, and stretch to a point where your piercing can become very uncomfortable and might cause excessive stretch marks in the area. (Read what some moms-to-be had to say about that here!) Your skin can actually even tear. I could see my piercings were looking ragged as my belly grew during pregnancy. It's great that you now have a safe choice that allows you to keep your piercings all through pregnancy. pregnancy-piercing-dangleThe Dangle-Flexible Navel Rings are 2 inches long -- which gives your belly plenty of room to grow. Here are the specs on the rings:
"Made from medical grade material that is typically used in deep surface piercings and any place where a flexible, non-metallic material is required. This material is used in a variety of medical applications, is non-toxic, bio-compatible, and autoclavable. If you need to adjust the size, you can easily cut the ends with scissors or a sharp blade."
I say oh so very cool. They come in silver, pink, or blue. Visit Eva Lillian to pick some up; then go out and work those belly-baring pregnancy tops! How are you sporting your pregnancy piercings?

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