Here's a new twist in the world of breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. EDP24 reports that a mama who had trouble...
Here's a new twist in the world of breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. EDP24 reports that a mama who had trouble breastfeeding was told she was not welcome at a breastfeeding cafe in Attleborough. This bottle feeding mama was advised by her care providers to bottle-feed after she had a hard time breastfeeding and her 4 month old baby lost weight (landing him in the hospital). Here are some clips:
"One of her (the bottle feeding mama) friends, who uses both bottle and breast for her baby, was given the message for her and said she felt so under pressure herself that she nursed her child even though he was not even due a feed.The friend explained to staff what the situation was and was told it would be "inappropriate" to bottle-feed there. The mother, who did not want to be identified, returned home in tears after the incident and told the EDP her guilt and feeling of failure at not being able to breastfeed was overwhelming enough without it being highlighted in this way. She said: "The cafes do a really good job and it is a difficult situation for them to be in, I suppose, but it would just be nice for them to welcome all mothers while giving support to those that breastfeed." Her friend, who claimed she had heard of a similar incident in the Dereham cafe, said: "The cafes are absolutely brilliant for breast- feeding mums but there's not the same level of support for those who bottle feed.""
You know what I think? I think this is a horrible message. I'm appalled that a mama would be treated this way. Especially by breastfeeding mamas and a cafe that supposedly is there to support all mamas. The article explained that the cafe website states, "Help is available on all aspects of breastfeeding and its impact on daily life - from starting to stopping and all the variations in between." Um, okay. I personally believe that almost all mamas can successfully breastfeed with the right support. I know that breast milk is healthier for your baby than formula. I think breastfeeding should be a major focus in the world because it promotes among other issues early bonding, health, and in the long run lowers health care costs. But when you get right down to it breastfeeding to me will never be so important that I intentionally make another mama feel bad. It's hard work to be a mama, We all find a path with the help and support of friends, care providers, and other resources. But at the end of the day every single mama needs to do what's best for her personal situation. That might be breastfeeding, pumping breast milk for bottle feeding, or using formula. I've had friends who have a hard time breastfeeding. I offer help and get them resources to groups like La Leche but I'd never kick them out of my house for bottle feeding. Just like I'd never kick a mama who wants to breastfeed a three year old out of my house. It's not productive, it's not helpful, and a stressed and upset mama has a much harder time being a good parent. As mamas, we have two choices. We can judge or support our peers. I think we have enough people judging us already -- let's not join that parade. This has not made my morning all that chipper. What do you think about this situation?

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