Earlier I offered definitions of what a birth doula is. Now for the best part -- learning about the many...
Earlier I offered definitions of what a birth doula is. Now for the best part -- learning about the many cool advantages of having doula support during labor and birth.
Continuous support from a doula during labor provides physical and emotional benefits for mother and health bonuses for their babies. With less medical interventions, fewer complications, and shorter hospital stays... ~ Harvard Health Letter (From The Doula Book)
Numerous studies show that birth doula support results in fewer birth interventions. Such as:
  • 50 % decrease in cesarean births
  • 60 % decrease in epidurals
  • 40 % decrease in the use of pitocin
  • 30% decrease in the use of narcotics
  • 30% decrease in the use of forceps
And here comes a biggie...
  • Overall, a 25% decrease in the length of labor (Hooray!)
A birth doula provides many other amazing benefits for you during labor. Ways a doula can support you during labor: Your doula will completely focus on you and your needs during labor; helping you to relax and focus. She will be able to recommend and provide comfort measures such as positioning, massage, birthing ball use, movement, and much more. Your doula will encourage good nutrition and fluids during early labor and be able to provide you with information about labor and birth. A birth doula is also there to support your partner by helping him (or her) to understand what is going on during labor and to be more relaxed -- which in turn will allow your partner to better support you. While a birth doula cannot make decisions for you regarding labor and birth procedures she will help you to understand your options and help to facilitate communicate between you and your care providers. To learn more about doula benefits, statistics, and success rates read, “Mothering the Mother, How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier and Healthier Birth” by Marshall H. Klaus, John H. Kennell, Phyllis H. Klaus.

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