I don’t drink coffee casually. My coffee pot boils happily away for the better part of the day. And I...
I don’t drink coffee casually. My coffee pot boils happily away for the better part of the day. And I don’t do decaf. When I was pregnant, coffee was the hardest habit to break. Thankfully, for coffee lovers like me, you can have caffeine during pregnancy. The trick is to carefully watch your daily amounts. The March of Dimes suggests that one to two daily 8-ounce servings of caffeine is probably safe for you and your baby during pregnancy. _mg_9676-250×162.jpg Keep in mind that the amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee can vary from coffee shop to coffee shop. The type of beans and how the coffee is prepared will make a difference. Caffeine is also found in chocolate, certain medications, various teas and sodas, and you can’t forget yummy coffee ice cream. Decaffeinated coffees, teas, and sodas are smarter choices than caffeinated beverages. Water, milk, and fruit juices are the best healthy beverages to sip during pregnancy. Exactly how pumped with caffeine are your favorite beverages and treats? Take a look at these handy figures provided by The U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Brewed, drip coffee (8 oz.) = 137 mg caffeine
  • Instant coffee (8 oz.) = 76 mg caffeine
  • Brewed tea (8 oz.) = 48 mg caffeine
  • Instant tea (8 oz.) = 26-36 mg caffeine
  • Caffeinated soft drinks (12 oz.) = 37 mg caffeine
  • Hot cocoa (12 oz.) = 8-12 mg caffeine
  • Chocolate milk (8 oz.) = 5-8 mg caffeine
  • Dark chocolate (1.45 oz bar) = 30 mg caffeine
  • Milk chocolate (1.55 oz bar) = 11 mg caffeine
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips (1/4 cup) = 26-28 mg caffeine
  • Coffee ice cream/frozen yogurt (1/2 cup) = 2 mg caffeine
  • As these figures show, you can't have your usual double shots while pregnant but you absolutely won't have to quit cold turkey. Use these figures as a general guideline and stay within the recommended one to two daily 8-ounce servings. Also, make sure to discuss any caffeine related questions with your doctor or midwife.

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